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A Record of Success

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Our attorneys have a long track record of fighting—and winning—difficult cases across a broad spectrum of matters, including complex “white collar” fraud and environmental cases, high-stakes commercial disputes between private parties, and intricate regulatory enforcement actions.

Of course, in many instances, our clients’ best interests are served without resorting to contested litigation. For example, in criminal cases, the best result for our clients obviously occurs when the government declines to initiate criminal charges altogether. As a result, many of the firm’s greatest victories are the ones no one ever hears about—the many instances in which the Angeli Law Group , through thorough preparation and vigorous advocacy, has succeeded in convincing the government to conclude an investigation without bringing charges against our clients, or has otherwise resolved matters favorably for our clients short of trial.

But not every case can be resolved to a client’s satisfaction through negotiation. For that reason, clients need to be confident that their attorneys are willing and able to fight—and win—difficult cases at trial or in other adversarial settings. Our attorneys have a long track record of victories in a wide variety of difficult matters, including in the following representative cases:

  • United States v.__________ (U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas).
    Represented a former senior Enron executive in criminal and civil litigation alleging conspiracy, securities fraud, wire fraud, insider trading, and money laundering. After a three-month federal criminal trial in Houston, the client was not convicted on any of the 27 counts with which he was charged.
  • United States v. ________ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Obtained an acquittal on all counts after a three-week federal jury trial in which the government alleged that a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team obstructed justice in connection with the shooting of one of the leaders of the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon.
  • ______ Corp. v. _______ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Obtained an extremely favorable settlement for a large manufacturing company who brought a federal lawsuit alleging that a group of suppliers engaged in a multi-million dollar price-fixing conspiracy.
  • ______ Corp. v. ______ Corp. (Delaware Court of Chancery)
    Represented a major financial institution suing another financial institution in a Delaware case arising out of a sale of a consumer credit card company. Won summary judgment in an amount in excess of $90 million and a verdict after a multi-week trial for an additional amount exceeding $25 million.
  • In re ________
    Represented the former Chief Information Officer of the Oregon Health Authority in connection with numerous investigations and litigation involving Oregon’s technical implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The client was exonerated of all wrongdoing and we obtained a $1.3 million settlement on her behalf from the State of Oregon relating to the circumstances surrounding her termination.
  • _______ v. ______ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Represented a professional athlete in connection with civil and criminal rape allegations; after a year of intensive investigation and discovery practice, no criminal charges were brought and the civil matter was resolved with no payment of money.
  • United States v.__________ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Represented a client accused of engaging in a $200 million tax fraud scheme, in a case described by the U.S. Department of Justice as “by far the largest criminal tax case in the history of Oregon.” After five years of investigation and litigation, including a contested sentencing hearing in which the government sought a substantial prison sentence, secured a sentence of probation without any prison time, fine, or restitution requirement imposed on the client.
  • ________, et al. v. _____________ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Obtained a complete defense verdict on behalf of a large manufacturer after a multi-week jury trial involving multiple plaintiffs alleging age discrimination.
  • United States v. ________ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Represented the founder of a charity providing support to children in Iran. After the events of September 11, 2001, the government surmised that the client and the charity were supporting terrorist activities. Over the next eight years, the government secretly tapped the client’s phones, intercepted his faxes and e-mails, covertly searched his home and office in the middle of the night, and employed other far-reaching and intrusive investigative techniques. Despite no evidence of any terrorist activities, the client was nevertheless indicted on charges that might have sent him to prison for decades. We fought the case aggressively, whittling the charges down to a single count. At a lengthy contested sentencing hearing, the government argued strenuously for a 30-month term of imprisonment. As the Oregonian reported in a lead editorial the next day, we prevailed, and the client did not spend even a day in prison.
  • State v. _________ & ________ (Circuit Court for Hood River County, Oregon).
    Represented an individual and his company in one of the flagship felony prosecutions in the Oregon Attorney General’s aggressive regime of environmental criminal enforcement. After extensive litigation, including a five-day evidentiary hearing over the admissibility of the State’s scientific evidence, the State eventually dropped all 36 felony charges in exchange for a misdemeanor plea involving no jail time.
  • United States v. ________ (U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee).
    Represented a state contractor indicted on federal charges stemming from the alleged payment of kickbacks in connection with a large federal Medicaid program. After years of investigation and litigation, and days before trial, all criminal charges were dismissed.
  • ___________ (Oregon Department of Justice Investigation)
    Represented a senior official at the Oregon Department of Energy in connection with an aggressive investigation into allegations of favoritism in awarding a government contract. We vigorously contested the allegations, ultimately leading to the Oregon Department of Justice dropping the investigation altogether and to the resignation of the Chief of the Department’s Criminal Division based on the Department’s missteps during the investigation. In the face of our threats to sue in light of those missteps, the State agreed to reimburse our client for the attorneys’ fees incurred during the investigation, and to compensate the client for the turmoil caused by the investigation.
  • __________ v. State of Oregon (Circuit Court for Baker County, Oregon).
    Represented the owner and founder of a major chain of hotels in the Western U.S. in a lawsuit against the State of Oregon alleging that the State had maliciously prosecuted him on baseless criminal charges in retaliation for his political activities. After months of contested litigation, we won an award of $295,000 for the client.
  • _____ Corp. v. _____ Corp. & _____ (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon).
    Represented corporate defendant in U.S. District Court in connection with claims of false advertising under the Lanham Act, trade libel, commercial disparagement, civil conspiracy, and intentional interference with prospective economic relations. After more than two years of litigation, we prevailed at summary judgment on all claims.
  • _______ Corp. v. __________ (U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida).
    Represented a multinational aerospace company in a matter alleging that a senior engineer stole sensitive trade secrets and other materials upon his departure to work for a competing company. Obtained a permanent injunction barring the use of the client’s trade secrets and other confidential materials.
  • __________ v. __________ Corp. & State & City of __________ (Circuit Court for Clackamas County, Oregon)
    Represented a private association in a high-profile, politically charged case in which plaintiffs sought to force the city and state to create public access to artificial lakes created—and managed for a century—by the association and its predecessors. Following two rounds of briefing and argument, the court granted summary judgment for the defense on all claims.
  • ______ v. _____ LLC (Circuit Court for Multnomah County, Oregon)
    Represented a limited liability company being sued by one of two of its members in a lawsuit alleging breach of fiduciary duty and shareholder oppression. Following briefing and argument, obtained full dismissal for the defendant on all claims.
  • _________, LLC & ___________, LLC v. __________ (Circuit Court for Douglas County, Oregon)
    Represented purchaser in suit seeking specific performance of handwritten agreement to purchase hotel property. Following five-day bench trial in a consolidated case including both seller and a competing purchaser, won judgment of specific performance (issued from the bench) in favor of our client.