Crisis Management

The Angeli Law Group works with clients to prevent or mitigate the effects of financial and public relations crises, with a focus on limiting damage to careers, business interests and the ability to pursue personal and professional goals. We are involved in crafting daily and long-term strategies for our clients, as well as utilizing our relationships with experts who have proven track records in limiting negative impacts on individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and religious and educational institutions. We are particularly experienced at helping clients work through crises caused by government investigations and high-profile events or accusations. We have expertise and associate regularly with professionals who specialize in crises driven or exacerbated by online and social media forces. When a serious PR problem cannot be prevented, we provide hands-on guidance to executives, managers, and boards to enhance strategic decision-making and contain the crisis at hand. This may take many forms, including providing above-the-radar legal representation, quietly advising on handling public and media demands, teaming with professional PR firms, conducting independent internal investigations (e.g., for a special committee formed by a board of directors), and coordinating solution-based dialogues with official investigators.

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