About The Firm

Angeli Law Group

The Angeli Law Group provides its clients with a vigorous and skilled defense in all manner of disputes in state and federal courts. We represent corporate and individual clients in criminal matters involving state and federal law, including grand jury investigations, trials and appeals, corporate compliance matters, and internal investigations. We also represent clients in high-stakes regulatory enforcement actions and private civil litigation. The depth and range of our experience provide us a vital edge in achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in a wide variety of difficult matters.

All of the firm’s principals previously practiced at prestigious national law firms, working on complex, high-profile matters. The Angeli Law Group provides the same level of knowledge, experience, and results that clients expect and demand from those large firms, but does so in a much more efficient and effective manner because we are not burdened by the enormous overhead and bureaucratic challenges that plague large law firms. Our structure also ensures that our clients have direct, ongoing contact with the firm’s principals.

In addition, because our attorneys are experienced in handling complex matters in both the criminal and civil realms, the firm is particularly adept at dealing with complex “parallel” civil and criminal proceedings. Such matters are increasingly common as state and federal criminal and civil enforcement agencies—and private plaintiffs—continue to look for new ways to coordinate their investigations and legal actions to maximize their collective ability to gather information and exact penalties.

We dedicate ourselves to serving as our clients’ allies and advocates. The firm’s lawyers vigorously defend their clients at trial and on appeal, priding themselves on the energy, creativity, tenacity and commitment they bring to each case. At each and every step along the way, our first commitment is to our clients.